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Established in 2008, We are a full service nuisance wildlife control company out of North Georgia . Do you hear noises in your house? We can help. We want your critter.
Wild animals in GA can and will cause damage to your property and business.  They will chew on wires, which will cause a fire danger to your house or building. They bring in a host of parasites and diseases, They will scratch and bite, carry ticks, mites, fleas and spread rabies.
We will start by catching the nuisance animal and removing and relocating the animal. We specialize in the live trapping and humane treatment of animals and we do not use harmful chemicals.
After the trapping of the animal,  We will prevent the return of other unwanted animals by exclusion work .
Animals can do a large amount of damage in a very short time .Whether chewing, droppings, digging, nesting or just a nuisance, We will fix the problem.
We offer odor control and emergency services
We work with Home Owners, Businesses, Schools, and Churches.

                                NO CRITTER LEFT BEHIND
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